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Car Elevators

Sorror gives good options for cars elevators to transport all size of cars in multi-storey garages with the highest degree of safety.

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Food Elevators

BKG Dumbwaiters from Germany ideal for the transport of food, small items or documents. One of the most common places you will find a dumbwaiter lift in a restaurant usually in the kitchen used to carry hot plates from the kitchen to the restaurant area very convenient when you have the option of a heated tray within the lift to keep the food warm whilst traveling up the shaft.

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Freight Elevators

Availability of various sizes and dimensions (500 kg – 5000 kg), which are used in factories, warehouses and related sectors.

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Villa Elevators

We have special solutions for home or Villa lift the specifications of the elevator will be more acceptable for home use. The elevator will be single phase supply with economic power consumption. The pit no needs more than 200mm. The overhead can be 2300mm only.

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Hospital Elevators

Alsorror Elevators mainly interested in hospitals elevators for the importance sustainability of their work and provide elevators with high efficiency while providing a special control system operates. Alsorror work to provide smooth movement and convenience for the users of the patients and staff.

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MRL Elevators

The best solution for dispensing machines in the elevator room of the new system from Al sorror elevators (MRL) provides the regular shape of the building. And for all types of elevators, hotels, hospitals and commercial buildings.

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Panoramic Elevators

Malls, supper markets  and hotels are the most interest about panoramic elevators. We have proficient package from Germany with different designs

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Passenger Elevators

Passenger elevators depend on the principle of comfort and safety in our designs with full flexibility in dealing with the decoration of cabin and doors.